Sports Medicine and therapy consist of a variety of treatments that are complementary to chiropractic care and help patients of all ages heal from injuries and illness. Dr. Michael Orefice of Active Health in Milford, Connecticut specializes in treating soft tissues and musculoskeletal problems through advanced sports medicine techniques. These techniques help restore mobility and relieve pain so you can get back to your life. Sports Therapy can make a big difference in the quality of your life, so call or schedule a consultation using the online system today.

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What is Sports Medicine and how can it help me?

Sports Medicine and therapy is a hands-on approach to promoting overall health and well-being in patients suffering from an injury or illness. Sports therapy focuses on strengthening, stabilizing, and restoring joints and muscles to their maximum range of motion, and providing patients of all ages with relief from pain.

Dr. Mike shows you the appropriate exercises for your specific condition so you can easily continue your therapy at home to get the maximum benefit.

Sports Medicine can help improve your quality of life at any age, whether your pain is the result of an accident, sports injury, repetitive use, or a chronic condition.

What conditions can Sports Medicine treat?

Sports Medicine and therapy can be beneficial for numerous health
conditions including:

— Sprain and strain injuries
— Ankle and foot pain
— Car accident injuries
— Back pain
— Neck and shoulder pain
— Headaches
— Hip and sciatica pain
— Elbows, wrist, and hand pain
— Work injuries

Does Sports Medicine replace my pain medication?

Sports Medicine is an effective, proven alternative to pain medication. Dr. Mike strives to provide patients of all ages with the safest, most natural types of pain relief instead of masking your symptoms or minimizing your pain with drugs. He seeks to get to the underlying cause of your discomfort and educates you about the physical exercises and hands-on therapies that address these problems.

Whether you’re experiencing minor discomfort or intense pain, the techniques Dr. Mike prescribes are meant to strengthen and stabilize your injuries or chronic conditions. Depending on your diagnosis, your treatment plan may include one or more of the following therapies:

— Physical exercises
— Hands-on manipulation of your spine, muscles, arms, or legs
— Moist heat therapy
— Cold/ice therapy
— Postural correction and training
— Electrical stimulation of muscles
— Therapeutic ultrasound

How well does Sports Medicine work to relieve pain?

It may take some time to become completely pain-free, but consistently doing your exercises at home are the keys to making the most out of your treatments.

When it comes to pain management, research shows that physical therapy is an effective treatment for a variety of conditions, especially certain types of low back pain. Additionally, sports medicine and therapy offer a high success rate when you choose it as your first strategy of relieving chronic back or joint pain.

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