Crossfit and Chiropractic

Any athletic training involves the process of breaking down tissue and repairing it stronger to meet demands of the activity.  Crossfit in particular, does a great job crafting workouts to keep your body constantly repairing and constantly getting stronger.  When our bodies repair themselves over and over, many times they leave behind extra repair tissue, we refer to this as scar tissue or adhesions.  I like to describe this process by visualizing a cut or “damage” on your skin.  The cut healed, but with “different” skin, a dense repaired skin, or scar tissue.  This same process takes place in muscle tissue when it is broken down or injured and repaired.

Scar tissue and adhesions in muscles, lead to restrictions in mobility.  We all know how important mobility is for any athletic event or even in our everyday lives or work.

So why Chiropractic?  What do all those muscles attach to? You guessed it, your joints.  Most muscles in your body attach to a joint.  Joint restrictions can cause muscles to stay in a tighter state simply because the joint doesn’t have the ability to move as well as it should or could.  That’s where a chiropractic joint mobilization is effective.  Improved joint mobility is extremely helpful in achieving better movement, which leads to reduced risk of injury and increased performance.

A few areas that typically respond well to Chiropractic:

  • Hips – important in all types of squatting or lunging
  • Low Back (lumbar spine) – important in any body flexion and core stability throughout movements.
  • Upper Back – tightness in upper traps, periscap (shoulder blade region)
  • Neck – tightness may lead to restricted mobility and / or headaches


Have you seen a Chiropractor in the past?

We recommend reasonable, short term treatment plans.  We work with orthopedic specialists if your condition needs further attention or treatment.  Many times, we combine our chiropractic adjustments with ART, soft tissue and/or acupuncture to achieve fast effective results for our patients.


If you have any questions, feel free to email me  Our office accepts insurance, if you would like to have it verified for treatment please call 203-283-5404.



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