How is manipulation performed?
First, the patient is positioned in a way that isolates the involved joint or joints from the others. Then the doctor uses his hands to apply a gentle thrust of the joint. This moves the joint surfaces and usually results in a popping sound.

Why is thrust necessary?
Imagine a door that only opens halfway because of a stuck hinge. It still can be used, but it is more troublesome than a door that fully opens. The joints in your spine and throughout your body can be thought of in the same way. When a proper thrust is applied to a “stuck” joint, its full motion is restored, and associated muscle tension is decreased.

What is the noise heard with manipulation?
During manipulation, joint surfaces are separated. As this happens, movement of fluid and a release of gas occur within the joint. The “cracking” noise frequently heard during manipulation is similar to gas being released from a carbonated beverage.

Is manipulation safe?
When performed by an expert, manipulation is safe and effective. Dr. Mike is well trained, experienced and licensed to perform manipulation. He is able to recognize patients who should not receive manipulation, and to minimize the risk of injury to all patients on an individual basis.

What happens when I “crack” my own back or neck?
When Dr. Mike makes and adjustment, it increases motion in a “locked” or “stuck” joint. When most people “crack” their own back or neck, they effect joints that are already gliding or moving properly, not he joints that are “stuck.”

Does “cracking” knuckles lead to arthritis?
There have been many studies published to demonstrate that “cracking” your own knuckles does not cause, but actually reduces the risk of arthritis!